Welcome to The Bashor Ranch

Welcome to the Bashor Ranch website. We’re a working ranch located in northeastern Colorado. We raise cattle and horses, although we prefer horses. We’ve been raising horses for over 40 years and we’re always trying to improve our breeding program. We’ve had horse sales since 1982, but we decided to skip a sale in 2009. It’s not that we don’t have some good horses; in fact, we have as good a set of geldings as we’ve ever had and they are for sale at the ranch. Many of them are home raised—and we think you will like their athleticism, their attitudes, and their color. The geldings are proof of the success of our breeding program.

We’ve lived by several principles in our time of breeding horses: raise a useful horse; represent him honestly, and stand by our representation. When we say useful horse, we mean one who is ready for any specific training you might want to put him through. We use them for everyday ranch work such as gathering, sorting, branding, doctoring, halter breaking the young colts, and some arena work. We believe if you get a horse through all these things, he will then be ready to go and do about anything you want to do on him.

Some of Our Horses