Bashor Sale Horses at Work

We try to emphasize that the Bashor horses are using horses, that they work for their livings and these photos confirm that. We always rope and drag calves at the branding and this year was no exception. Brandings are a little like social functions for the ranchers: your neighbors come to help you, followed by a good meal. It’s a fun day for everyone.

When the Kinnison family drove their cows to another pasture in late August they started at 5:00 a.m. and drove them 8 or 9 miles. Brian was riding Pale Sage (Lot 45), Clay was riding RHR Chief Badger (Lot 38), mom Andrea, the photographer, was riding Leanon Bud (Lot 1). Not only are Andrea’s photos of sunrise spectacular, but it’s fun to see Clay riding along and swinging his rope and the father-dad duo working together. When they got back to the ranch Hannah wanted to ride so she climbed on Bud and rode him in the arena.